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GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline... Just like a family tree

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Somewhere in 1996/97 my friend showed me Red Hat Linux… I’m almost sure it was “Colgate” (4.0) distribution. We were impressed by multiuser and multitasking capabilities, “kill -9 <pid>” command and… X Window System with FVWM’95 window manager. Since that time I’ve used many GNU/Linux distributions with Slackware Linux being my favourite one for many years (I still love it) and having some episodes with *BSD systems (especially FreeBSD), to finally decide to go with openSUSE on desktop. Now? There are thousands of different distributions to be checked out, though, we should realize that the roots, which are still alive today, are: Debian, Slackware and Red Hat (forgive me that I skipped prehistoric distros, like: Yggdrasil or DLD – Deutsche Linux-Distribution – these dinosaurs are significant, but totally forgotten today). Let’s have a look at the genealogic tree of GNU/Linux… 


… It looks like this (click on the picture to open full-sized in additional tab/window):



GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline

It is also available here
Well, quite a big family! Isn’t it? Not to mention - this is a great job by A. Lundqvist and D. Rodic!

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