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Part 14. Oracle VirtualBox, Solaris 11.1, DB 11gR2, MS Access 2010, LibreOffice Base, ODBC and JDBC - the tutorial is completed

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We've finished our tutorial on Oracle VirtualBox, Solaris 11.1 (x86), DB 11gR2, MS Access 2010, LibreOffice Base, ODBC and JDBC... All this took 14 parts. It's the highest time for a short summary. You can also use this part to have access to all other 14 parts of the whole material – for quick reference.


There are all the parts in reversed order (except part 14, of course) presented:


All opinions, suggestions and any other feedback are very welcome. I plan to write some more tutorials of this kind in the future, so it will be really nice to know what are the expectations of potential readers. Also, if you find the information presented here usable – please share among your friends and colleagues.


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0 #1 aditya damle 2015-04-29 11:43
Thanks for this share.It was really helpful

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