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Part 10. Configuring sys and system users' connections for SQL Developer in Oracle Database 11gR2 Client

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We have successfully installed Oracle Database 11gR2 Client software in part 9. No matter that MS Windows 8 and JDK 7 are unsupported by this version of client software, it seems everything works good enough for our further explorations. Now, we should create and configure three basic connections in SQL Developer, respectively for the following users: sys, system and hr. Let's do that.

Once we executed SQL Developer in part 9, we're ready to create and configure the connections.

Firstly, we will do this for sys user. Please right-click "Connections" node and select "New Connection" from the context menu – "New / Select Database Connection" window will be shown:


Oracle SQL Developer, configuring connections, step 1


So, we have to provide required information for sys user connection. Please fill the form with the values similar to the presented below (refer to your actual configuration):


Oracle SQL Developer, configuring connections, step 2


Then, click "Test". If there is a message: "Status : Success" – everything was created correctly. We can now click "Save" button – a new connection appears under the "Connections" node.

Please notice, we have changed the role ("Role" label on the form with the related combo-box) for sys user from "default" to "sysdba". We're also using "basic" connection type (refer to the label "Connection Type" and related combo-box). That's good – we cannot use other types, especially TNS, as we haven't configured TNS properly tnsnames.ora file yet. Of course, as long as we can use basic connection type, we can progress with our experiments. We will take care about TNS later and change the connection type for hr user.

Now, we can change the values on the form for system user – please provide similar values to the presented below (however, check your own configuration nuances). There are only two important differences – the first is connection name, the second is that we are now using "default" role, instead of "sysdba":


Oracle SQL Developer, configuring connections, step 3


If there was a message: "Status : Success" after "Test" button was clicked – we can click "Save" button. There will be new connection available under the "Connections" node (we should have two connections defined for: sys and system).

Now, please click "Cancel" – we will have some additional work with hr user. We can follow up to the part 11.


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