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Part 0. Introduction to Oracle VirtualBox, Solaris 11.1, DB 11gR2, MS Access 2010, LibreOffice Base, ODBC and JDBC

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I had some spare time during Christmas and New Year period and I decided to make a short exercise on: Oracle Solaris 11.1 (x86) manual installation, Oracle Database 11gR2 manual installation and some experiments with integration of LibreOffice Base (via JDBC driver) and MS Access 2013 on top of MS Windows 8 (for data manipulation and database frontend application development). Why such a set of products? Well, Solaris is marketed as the best Unix for Oracle technologies deployment. Moreover, I have experience with GNU/Linux and AIX5L when it comes to Oracle DB. Why MS Access 2013 and MS Windows 8? I like MS Access for data manipulation, useful frontends and database application prototyping since the MS Access 97, so I wondered what comes with the newest version. Same about MS Windows 8 – curiosity. I hope you’ll find the following material useful for your own purposes. Let’s see what software components are required to start this exercise.

The complete list of required software components covers:


That’s all. Now we can begin.


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0 #1 Salih 2014-11-08 11:23
Thanks Turing for the post on Oracle DB 11g on Solaris 11.1

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