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Is CEEDA, Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre Award, valuable?

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Energy efficient data centers are fashionable today. The question is – where the marketing ends and the real energy efficiency begins in this industry? No doubt, any data center has to be designed, constructed and then managed with energy efficiency in mind, if the subject is taken seriously. Otherwise, there is nothing more than empty words in all statements about data center efficiency, resources optimization and environmental friendliness. Therefore, in some cases, the business – no matter if it is a data center owner or operator – would like to certify its data center energy efficiency by world-recognized institution. Here comes CEEDA – Certified Energy Efficient Datacentre Award – an international assessment based awards programme which can be achieved by organizations with data centre facilities anywhere in the world.


According to the CEEDA website, the assessment process and possible certification can help to:

  • Uncover the energy saving potential within your data center
  • Significantly reduce costs
  • Gain industry recognition and acknowledgement for energy efficiency best practice
  • Comply with and meet the needs of increasing carbon legislation
The assessment covers the following key areas within the data centre facility:
  • Data centre utilisation
  • IT equipment and services
  • Cooling
  • Power equipment
  • Data centre building
  • Monitoring

After the assessment process is finished, the assessors have to produce a detailed report of their findings and make an award recommendation to BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. Then, the Institute will review the recommendation and if appropriate award a Gold, Silver or Bronze level. What's more important for the organization, together with the award, it receives a comprehensive report and detailed action plan for improvement which identifies the steps required to progress to the next award level if appropriate. So, if awarded with Bronze level, nothing stands against implementing additional changes to get the higher level.

Today, we all know that energy efficient means also cost efficient, hence being green is a valuable business asset not only when it comes to the environmental friendliness or social responsibility requirements, but it also has its strong financial foundation. From this perspective, one can have not too many doubts if the program will become popular, but anyway… Does the world of data center want to invest into energy efficiency certification? Or do we all believe it's enough to perform temporary audits and optimizations of our infrastructure to say that we're committed to the green IT principles?

Honestly? When being energy efficient becomes a real industrial value, a business advantage over competition, then probably all data centers will try to certify them as high as possible. Until that time, in my opinion, the data center industry will prefer to talk about resiliency more – in relation to "tier" classifications – than about being energy efficient. However, if asked, no one will argue with the principles of green IT.

Maybe, to realize what is the value behind the real efficiency, we should add that the global data center energy use last year was estimated to be 322TWh, according to the Datacenter Dynamics Intelligence Industry Census 2012. This is a whole lot of energy and we should take care to be sure it is utilized wisely.


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