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Lazarus IDE 1.0 on Mac OS X reviewed

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I've found short, but very interesting review of the latest – 1.0 – version of Lazarus IDE for Free Pascal Compiler (FPC). It's written from the perspective of Mac OS X user, so it's even more important to take a look, if you've found my previous blog article worth your time.


We've already pointed out that Lazarus/FPC is not only open source Delphi-like IDE – which can be considered a kind of replacement on many development occasions – but also it is a multiplatform IDE/compiler duo that can help us in writing platform independent applications, according to the slogan: "write once, compile anywhere".

Strongly recommended reading – you'll find the original article here, on "Te Waka o Pascal. Keeping Pascal afloat in Aotearoa" blog.

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